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Mon, Tue & Sat – Nightfall

Nightfall at Kingston brings a different mood to the Convict Settlement. The stillness and the stars are there just …

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Friday – 6pm

A fun night out for all ages! Dress as a convict & join in with the Commandant for an evening of gaiety, …

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Mon, Wed & Sat – 7:15pm

The setting is 10 acres of magical Norfolk pines & bushland lit up like an enchanted forest. Meander along …

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Mon & Wed – 6pm

Enjoy a 3 course meal progressing to different Norfolk Island family homes. You will join a group of other …

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Wed – 6:15pm

Dinner and Lantern Walk. Listen to tales and stories that will delight you, make you sad and through it all send shivers …

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Tue & Thurs – 5pm

Enjoy a feast of Island dishes, salads, homemade bread & fresh fried fish, followed by Island desserts & tea or …

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Sun – 6:30pm

Enjoy a 3 course meal fit for the commandants whilst the mystery unfolds… Meet the Commandant, Clergyman & Convicts of this period. …

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